Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I do not understand what you are proposing!

A: Myprint3d-en-folie proposes you to have 3D decors already printed without the need to have a 3D printer and without the need to buy the 3D plans. We have official licenses to print the plans of Printable Scenary and Fat Dragon Games

Q: What are the print output characteristics of your products?

A: Unless otherwise stated, the products are made from PLA filaments. The default thickness is 200 microns (recommended by the editors of the sets). Some products can also be in 150 or 100 microns see 60 microphones for a rendering in addition to high-end.

Also note that the items sold may have some extra filaments on the render, these can easily be removed by a simple cutter.

Q: What is the scale of products? Are the products painted?

A: Unless otherwise stated, products are on a scale of 28mm (1/60). The products are by default unpainted and gray in color.

Q: Why such delays in the event of unavailability?

A: MyPrint3D and this in accordance with the licensing requirements use 3D printers. The technology is quite recent and the speed of production is rather slow (several hours for a small wall decoration for example).

Q: What means Solid in some name of products ?

A: Most of the items sold including the buildings are sold as a kit. This makes it easier to customize the building. Most items sold including buildings are sold as a kit. This makes it easier to customize the building. Objects with the word Solid are sold as a whole block and can not be disassembled (for example, an entire tower instead of several items to create a tower). With the word Solid they are sold whole and can not be disassembled 

Q: How do I sort products to find the one that suits me?

A: On the left, you will find on your left a tool allowing you to specify your searches. You will find in particular the criterion Lot / Unit.

The official packs (ie the products from a single reference of the publisher) are marked Packs. For the buildings and other decorations these packs are complete and allow you to have the realization indicated. In the case of Rampage packs, 1 copy of each object is present We advise you to use the Sets that are thought by MyPrint3D for a more practical use (per copy, has a wall of each type is not very useful in relation to Have a set with 10 specific walls)

Q: I often read Rampage and OpenKick, what is it ?

A: A specific FAQ for this system will soon be available. In the meantime, you can see the reference sheet